Website development financing
Get your WordPress or Drupal website financed for up to 36 months with no interest

You don't really expect to get a custom-developed website with individualized features for $15 monthly payments, do you?

Questions and Answers

I don't know which platform is the most appropriate for my business. Can I get assistance?

Yes, of course you can count on our assistance.
Once you make your down payment, our staff will guide you in selecting the best solution for your business.
You can also get some ideas from filling out our questionnaire online.

How long does it take for a site to go live?

If you have all your website content ready, you can go live within five to seven working days.
Of course this depends on the platform you choose and the complexity of your website. Delivery could take as long as five to eight weeks.

What do I need to do to get credit?

You need a good, professional project description and your website content must be ready. You also need to present yourself well during the discussion with your account manager.

If you do not have a project description, our project managers can help you to create one for a very reasonable fee.

Contact us today to talk to one of our specialists.

Who can get the website financing option?

At the moment, only customers from the United States, Canada, the European Union and Australia can expect to receive credit.

Are there any limitations to get credit for website development?

To get credit, you must reside in the US, Canada, the EU, or Australia.

What if I want to change something on the site?

If you wish to make additional changes after your site is completely finished, you can simply pay for the additional work. Or purchase one of our affordable service plans for more frequent changes.

Can I add more modules or themes to my website?

Yes, of course you can add as many modules or themes as you want.

Just send us the list of your desired modules and once our technicians have uploaded them, they will be ready to use.

If your requirements for new modules and/or themes are not included in the specific package offer you initially chose, then you will have to pay extra for them. 

Why can't I get a refund?

Under the Consumer Protection Distance Selling Regulations you do not have an automatic right to cancel your website after you sign up to our service. This is because our service begins as soon as you have made your payment.

What happens if I failed to pay an installment?

It is your duty to make your account payments regularly.
At the end of each billing period you must pay for the next period.
You can always count on a grace period of five days.
If you fail to make your payment during the grace period we will put your site on hold (offline).
During the seven days following the grace period, you must pay your debt.
If you fail to make your payment after that period, too, we will suspend your account.

Can I put my website "on hold"?

Accepting financing for your website and the associated Terms and Conditions is a commitment to fulfill your payments in a timely manner. You must respect your obligations.


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