Website development financing
Get your WordPress or Drupal website financed for up to 36 months with no interest

You don't really expect to get a custom-developed website with individualized features for $15 monthly payments, do you?

Questions and Answers

Can I use your services for my client?

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, partner or a reseller, please contact us.

Why don't I have FTP access?

FTP access allows users to download and migrate files. You will get FTP access once your credit balance has been paid out.

Can the work be done on my server?

Yes, but in that case full upfront payment is mandatory. We are not protected when working on remote servers, so the website must be paid for in full before we will set it up on your server.

Can I have access to FTP and can I host my website with my own hosting provider?

Yes, from the moment you no longer have any credit obligations with us, you are free to move your website to any service provider you choose.

Will your hosting cost more than my current hosting?

No, it will not. We use the services of the major companies that provide hosting services all over the world and our prices are definitely in accordance with theirs.

Can I continue using your hosting services after I pay out my credit balance?

Yes, of course you can. Furthermore, you will always be charged the same price for your hosting.
Also there are a number of other benefits and discounts for loyal clients.

You say you don’t require a credit score or a credit check. However, can I be refused credit?

To get credit,  first of all you must convince us that your business intentions are serious.

We base our decision on the quality of the discussion with your account manager and whether or not your complete online business documentation is ready. If you don’t succeed in impressing us, your request for credit is likely to be declined. At the very least, you will have to pay larger installments.

You must understand that credit is not a program for financing your experiments.

What do you need from me to install the site on my server?

We will need your FTP and your hosting control panel access information.

Why can't I have my website hosted by some other hosting provider while I am paying out my credit?

We are giving you a very valuable and expensive product on credit.
We must have a guarantee that our product will be paid for in full.

What happens to my files after my account is suspended?

If your account is suspended, your website files and database will be deleted.


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